How we build custom software

How we build custom softwareTogether, we look at what you need and how we can add value. We only build something if we also think it adds value. Good research and an agile approach helps to reach working solutions faster.

1. Talk

Let's figure out what your goals are what discuss what solutions could be. You are the domain expert, therefore you are a big part of finding the right solution.

2. Research

Making sure the requirements are clear of what we want to achieve and what an app should be able to do.

3. Design

Our job: to make it clear to you what is going to be built before we start building.

4. Build

Time to put it together, the most important parts first. So we can start testing with users.

5. Deliver

We deliver your website and give you access to the content. We take care of hosting and making sure everything keeps running.

6. Iterate

We build the most important things first and ask the question each time: what is the next step and is it worth doing this.

Are you curious?

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